CETFA Announces its 2022 - 2023 Board of Directors

TORONTO, June 29, 2022 – The Canadian ETF Association (“CETFA”) announced its new slate of Board Members at its Annual General Meeting, held on June 22nd, 2022. 

The full list of the CETFA Board of Directors for 2022-2023 includes:

                          Michael Cooke (Chair)            Mackenzie Investments 

                          John Christofilos                      AGF Investments

                          Kevin Gopaul                           BMO Exchange Traded Funds

                          Dennis Tew                               Franklin Templeton

                          Shalomi Abraham                     Invesco Canada

                          Steve Hawkins                          Horizons ETFs Management (Canada) Inc

                          Yanic Chagnon                          Manulife Investments

                          Mark Neill                                 RBC Global Asset Management

                          Kathy Bock                               Vanguard Investments Canada Inc.

                          David Roode                              TD Asset Management

                          Tracy Chenier                            CIBC Asset Manager

                          Ted Kelterborn                           CI Financial

                          Ron Landry                                 CIBC Mellon

                          Steven Leong                               BlackRock

                          Alan Green                                   Scotia Global Asset Management

                          Andrew Clee                                 Fidelity investments Canada

“I’d like to welcome the incoming Board and I look forward to working alongside this talented and accomplished group to continue to grow the Canadian ETF space and educate advisors and investors about the important role ETFs can play in effective portfolio construction,” said Michael Cooke, Head of Mackenzie Investments ETFs and CETFA Board Chair.

For further information:

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