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Suite #1700, 633 – 6th Ave SW Suite #1700, 633 – 6th Ave SW
Calgary, AB
T2P 2Y5

Phone: (403) 744-5190
Fax: (866) 329–5774

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SIA Wealth Management Inc. (SIAWM) is an independent investment management firm focused on building financial wealth by constructing diversified funds and portfolios based on relative strength analysis. SIA Wealth Management Inc. is a Calgary based wealth management company focused on relative strength analysis and risk management. The analysis and subsequent portfolios will encompass various asset classes via Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) investment vehicles.
SIAWM was founded in 2012 (formerly SIA Markets Inc.) and is currently registered in the provinces of Alberta and Ontario. SIAWM is a Calgary based Portfolio Manager, Investment Fund Manager, and Exempt Market Dealer. SIAWM has a licensing agreement with SIACharts.com (SIAC), which is a technical analysis company which provides relative strength analysis, risk management and portfolio construction. SIAC’s specific research includes many proprietary and customizable investment tools such as the SIA Relative Strength matrix, currency/dividend adjusted charts, multi-discipline investment scans, charting capabilities, alerts, SIA Equity Action Call and SMAX indicator, portfolio tracking, marketing, and much more which takes Relative Strength to a whole new level and gives us and our clients a comprehensive solution to investing.

Jeremy Fehr
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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