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Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) is Canada’s premier equity and ETF exchange; it is home to 39 providers and 924 ETFs. TSX listed the world’s first exchange-traded, index-linked product in 1990, which served as the prototype for the modern-day ETF. As the ETF has grown into a leading global investment vehicle, TSX has remained at the forefront of the industry – from listing the world’s first fixed income ETF to the world’s first physical bitcoin ETF, the Exchange remains committed to bringing these innovative and progressive solutions to Canadian investors.  At October 31, 2022, TSX ETFs held over $313 billion in AUM and represented 52% of total TSX listings. Last year, over 7  billion ETF shares were traded on TSX, and TSX-listed ETFs represent 98.5% of the ETFs traded in Canada.

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