Aperçu du secteur des FNB au Canada

What is the difference between Hedged & Unhedged ETFs?

Qu’est- ce que les fausses conceptions?

What are Investment Fund Categories?

The investment fund industry in Canada relies on Canadian Investment Fund Standards Committee categories to compare similar investment strategies. In …

Que sont les FNB de contrats à terme sur marchandises?


What is an Index?

Investors in most financial instruments including ETFs, want to either match or beat an index; but what is an index? …

Que sont les FNB d’options d’achat couvertes?


What are the Risks Investing in ETFs?

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) offer diversification and easy access to various markets, but they come with their fair share of risks, …

Understanding the ETF Ecosystem

ETFs have grown significantly over the past few years to become one of the top choices for Canadian investors. Take …

What are Active ETFs

In this video Alan Green VP, Head of ETFs, Dynamic Funds will discuss the evolution of active ETFs and how …

Commodity ETFs

In this video, Horizons ETFs’ Vice President Karim Ghalayini highlights what investors should know about commodities ETFs.

Covered Call ETFs

In this video, Horizons ETFs’ Vice President Karim Ghalayini highlights what investors should know about covered call ETFs.

Asset Allocation

Asset allocation, or the mix of stocks and bonds in your portfolio accounts for over 90% of the variation in …

US $ & Can $ ETFs

Harvest ETFs VP of National Sales David Wysocki explains currency risk and why some ETFs use currency hedging strategies. He …

Active Fixed Income ETFs

Over the past 5 year we saw the expansion of active fixed income ETFs in the Canadian market place, what …

Factor ETFs

You may have heard of them before, but what are Factor ETFs? What is behind the hype and why do …

Bond ETFs

Please join me for a short explanation on what is a bond ETF, what kind of choices exist for Canadian …

Trading Best Practices

Buying and selling ETFs takes a little more consideration than when trading stocks. Not sure of what to look out …

Benefits of an ETF

ETFs have become a popular investment option for many investors looking for access to different asset classes. ETFs can provide …


Harvest ETFs VP of National Sales David Wysocki explains ETF liquidity, why it’s different from stock liquidity, and how to …

What are Market Makers?

Learn from Zachary Shiller, BMO Capital Markets on what Market Makers are and why they are important to the ETF …

ETF Regulation

Andrew Clee will walk you through how ETFs are regulated in Canada

Myths of ETFs

Thomas Grant will debunk several of the ETF myths that continue to circulate.

Overview of the Canadian ETF Market

Andrew Clee will provide an overview of the Canadian ETF industry.

What is an ETF – ETF Facts

The ETF Fact Form is a valuable document that provides data points to be used in your evaluation of ETFs.

Who is CETFA?

Welcome to the Canadian ETF Association and the new video series.

CETFA Market Close

33 years ago, the world’s first ETF was created in Canada – in late 2012, CETFA was created to support …

CETFA Pat Dunwoody Promo

An introduction to the Canadian ETF Association – the first and only ETF Association in the world.

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