CETFA Committees help to lead the industry and push it forward. The following committees work tirelessly to help execute the mission of the Board and help CETFA to thrive.

Please learn more about them below:

Chair: Tammy Cash

Contact: Tammy_Cash@Vanguard.com

This Committee is responsible for all external communications of the Association. This includes submissions, letters, statistics, and statistical commentary, as well as the content of the information found on the website.

Chair: TBD

Contact: TBD

This Policy Committee will monitor and comment on regulatory and legislative proposals within the Canadian and external marketplaces that would have an impact on the ETF product or the industry in general.

Chair: Melody Chiu

Contact: melody.chiu@pwc.com

The Committee will review all proposed amendments to federal and provincial tax legislation and the possible impact on the ETF industry.

Chair: Michael Taylor

Contact: michael.taylor@rbc.com

The Work Plan has been divided into three specific areas – all related to the development and growth of the industry.

  1. Foundation – the review and analysis of the basis of the industry
  2. Vision – Looking out into the future at how the industry could work
  3. Strategic Regulatory Issue(s)

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