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March 31, 2024

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The successful candidate will join an experienced and dynamic team that builds and manages exchange traded funds (ETF). With a focus on continued success and growth, this unique role will help design, develop, and upgrade our in-house ETF infrastructure platform. The successful candidate will work closely with the business leads, portfolio managers and traders to help optimize their day-to-day tasks while emphasising risk-mitigation in all our processes.  As a subject matter expert in both business and technology, this role will act as a liaison between the portfolio management team and internal/external service providers such as technology, data, index providers, OMS, middle/back office, and custodian.   The role will work closely with the desk head and portfolio managers to aggregate data to provide in-depth risk reporting across fixed income, equity and multi-asset portfolios.  The ability to program in Python is a requirement as the candidate will need to pull data from multiple sources and create and manage automated reports.  This position will play an integral role in enhancing the internal portfolio management architecture with a focus on mitigating risk to allow the ETF business to become more scalable.


  1. ETF Infrastructure  
  • Gain a clear and concise understanding of our current ETF processes, applications, and requirements.
  • Identify areas of improvement in terms of efficiency and risk-mitigation.
  • Work with portfolio managers and traders to enhance day-to-day portfolio management tools.
  • Clearly communicate portfolio management requirements to business architecture (development team)
  • Responsible for retrieving, compiling, and formatting large volumes of data.
  • Work with index providers, market makers, exchanges, middle office, and other third-party service providers to enhance our ETF infrastructure.
  • Transition any legacy VBA code to python.
  • Create and maintain documentation on operational procedures and processes.
  • Identify, document, and suggest areas of improvement in both hardware and software.
  • Continuously pursue and identify potential risk within our business and processes.
  1. Portfolio Risk Management
  • Help monitor and manage risk of investment activities by employing a range of risk measurement tools and statistics; communicate findings to senior management
  • Contribute to the investment process by providing in-depth portfolio risk analysis and ad-hoc analytical support
  • Play a key role in enhancing internal risk controls on the desk in order to minimize trading and operational risk
  • Automate processes that can result in human error by eliminating manual processes where possible
  • Ability to use technology to systematically mitigate risk and improve desk efficiencies
  • Ensure controls are in place and are being followed
  • Monitor real time ETF spreads and coordinate with portfolio managers for any outliers
  • Monitor index re-balance calendar and independently ensure portfolios are within their index weights
  • Work with Portfolio Managers and Index providers to continuously improve rules, methodologies and procedures
  • Join a culture that continuously looks to mitigate operational risk
  1. Portfolio Analytics
  • Develop automated portfolio analytics and reporting. Work in conjunction with portfolio managers to create regular reporting templates and structure.
  • Provide investment exposure reporting across multiple portfolios and asset classes
  • Asset classes covered are: fixed income, equity, option overlay and currency
  • Work with portfolio management team to monitor positions and cash balances
  • Ensure data in ETF basket files and daily market maker order confirmations files are accurate
  1. Performance Attribution
  • Enhance current performance attribution capabilities.
  • Responsible for producing portfolio performance and attribution reports.
  • Work with portfolio managers to identify sources of tracking or under/over performance.
  • Produce pre and post trade/rebalance analysis
  • Utilize several different data platforms and sources (Bloomberg, Factset, CRIMS OMS, proprietary created software) to develop detailed performance attribution and risk analytics


  • University graduate in Computer Science, Engineering or Mathematics
  • A minimum 1-2 years of industry experience
  • Experience with Bloomberg is considered an asset
  • Experience with Factset attribution is considered an asset


  • Possess strong quantitative and technology skills
  • Ability to Program. Proficiency in Python is a requirement
  • Collaboration & team skills – in-depth
  • Analytical and problem solving skills – In-depth
  • Influence skills – In-depth


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